The CARE-2 Assessment is one of the most accurate identifiers of youth at risk for violence

Welcome to CARE-2 Risk & Needs Assessment

Identifying Violent Behavior Risk Factors and Needed Treatment

CARE-2 by Dr. Kathryn Seifert works to identify youth who are at risk for violence and determines specific interventions needed to prevent any future risk of aggressive behavior. Updated and enhanced, this invaluable tool examines every factor that may be affecting the youth's development, and puts a plan in place for the youth to mature into a positively pro-social functioning member of society.

NEW: Announcing the addition of the F-RISK to the web site. The F-RISK measures the high, medium or low risk for future chronic violence. Like the CARE2, it provides a treatment plan of evidence based practices for the "at risk" population.

How to Become a CARE-2 Provider:

Step 1: Register your agency
Step 2: Create and send an email to your employees and staff
Step 3: Verify and activate your staff
Step 4: Purchase your assessments

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Why CARE-2?

Whether you're an educator, social worker, mental health professional, juvenile services professional, or a concerned parent, you have the power to provide at-risk children and teenagers with the nurturing, support, and treatment that will give them a second chance at life.

  • You start by identifying the strengths, problems, and stressors of each "at promise" youth.
  • You continue by creating an intervention plan to provide the care, support, and treatment that counteract risk factors and trauma and promote a youth's strengths.
  • You move toward success by executing the intervention plan and by following up.

Only one assessment gives you all three!

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